World-class Engineering Innovation
World-class Engineering Innovation
We lay out innovative ideas in planning and executing projects with the most efficient solution. Our team creates a scheme that considers the necessities of the modern society but not compromising the culture it holds. We aim to continue the enhancement of engineering productivity for the benefit of all.
We give your ideas wings!
We give your ideas wings!
"There Is One Thing Stronger Than All The Armies In The World, And That Is An Idea Whose Time Has Come" - Victor Hugo . MARK 1 Technology Limited consultants Bangladesh will help you develop your ideas. At MARK1, we do not only deliver; we transform tomorrow.
Inventive Design Proposals
Inventive Design Proposals
We are one of the top Engineering consultants Bangladesh providing a wide range of building design that each excel at their function, provide a high-quality environment for people, conserve energy and water and complement their contexts.
Architectural Engineering
Architectural Engineering
Our architectural designs are nothing less than some hyper-realistic modern structure with a touch of classic adventures that can give you a thrill that you always wished for. So what are you waiting for? We are the top Engineering consultants in Bangladesh to make your dream come true.
Exquisite Villa Design
Exquisite Villa Design
On Addition to the Engineering Services MARK 1 Engineering Consultants in Bangladesh also facilitate with the Villa Design and Villa Construction services both in Bangladesh.
Inspiring Interior Designs
Inspiring Interior Designs
Being an engineering consultant in Bangladesh - At MARK 1, we believe that clients deserve the smartest solutions. When it comes to creating stunning spaces, we offer an unbeatable combination of flexibility, durability, and affordability.


Our Expertise

Consulting engineering is an expert service that provides independent expertise in engineering, science, and related territories to governments, businesses, designers and development firms. Engineering consultants meet with a company's staff engineers and discuss what company management has asked the consultants to do.

At a high level, inspections are a “do” and audits are a “check”. An inspection is typically something that a site is required to do by a compliance obligation. An audit is the process of checking that compliance obligations have been met, including that the required inspections have been done.

In the construction industry, the term 'services' might refer to: The undertaking by a supplier of activities such as; consultation, design, maintenance, installation, banking, insurance, the provision of accommodation, and so on.However, services may be provided alongside the provision of products or materials.

Next-Level Visualization & Execution


MARK 1 as your multi-engineering solutions provider.

MARK 1 is a multi-disciplinary Engineering consultant in Bangladesh providing a wide range of engineering services. Our team consists of experienced designers and strategic thinkers from around Bangladesh.


Since our team is a curated mix group that comes from different backgrounds, we provide quality, dynamic, and innovative designs with an excellent understanding of our client requirements.


We are one of the top engineering consultants in the expertise of Feasibility Study, Project Management Consultancy (PMC), Architectural Engineering, BIM, Structural Engineering, MEP (Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing) Engineering, Fire Engineering, Interior Design, Energy Management System (EMS), and Power Quality Management System (PQMS). These are the major services that we are serving in Bangladesh.


Our professionals have been working as following the Code and Standard and we believe in quality work with economical solutions. 


Actually, we want to introduce ourselves in front of you by providing our best consultancy and founding principles of customer services with professional excellence, commitment to quality, and dedication to hard work.

MARK 1 is accounted among the top engineering companies in Bangladesh, consisting of highly qualified and motivated architects and engineers who provide full support to clients and projects at every stage of the development and completion process.

Our expert team is effectively shaping up projects aiming to create modernized living environments, Innovation and sustainability have been our priorities in line with Bangladesh's vision and expedited modernization through our high-quality services.

We provide innovative and diverse engineering design solutions with the assurance of effective processes and promising results.

Who are we?

Responsiveness, quality, flexibility and creativity are the attributes that MARK 1 Technology Limited is known for. We are the Engineering Consultants in Bangladesh providing wide range of engineering services. With our fast track services to our clients we have been able to leave our customers coming back for our services. The rehiring rate of our services by the clients is quiet phenomenal. We are known to provide our clients with the most creative solutions to some of the most challenging projects.

Our Engineering services for the clients are dedicated to provide our customers with the best advice for the project. Our team of experts will take care of everything from design presentation of the project to approving the design. Our expert’s advice has helped many investors to bring their dream projects and dream structure to reality. With our services you can lay your head back and relax because we are determined to simplify the processes of designing and gaining approval.

Why Choose Us?

Engineering consultants lay out innovative ideas in planning and executing projects with the most efficient solution. We create a scheme that considers the necessities of the modern society but not compromising the culture it holds. In order to forge and strengthen a project, it takes a deep study and skill to achieve a worthy result. An engineering project is not just a job that anyone can execute, it needs expertise and experience for it holds the future dwelling of many people who deserves convenience and safety.

We carry our responsibilities with pride and integrity to show the sincerity and passion in engineering profession that we embody. Whether private or public infrastructure projects, the main goal is to provide the needs of humanity and the society it stands on. Our aim is to continue the enhancement of engineering productivity for the benefit of all. Let us work together and contribute greatness in all aspects of life.


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