Unrevealing the wonders of architecture withprofessional detailing at MARK 1. We are the Architectural Consultants in Bangladesh to design your dream Home.

Architectural Engineering

Making an architectural delight to brag on from being a place that had nothing more to see than the extending hot scorching deserts to being a place that has seen some of the most astounding architectural developments in the history of men, Bangladesh has seen a fascinating era of changes in architecture. Be a part of this architectural revolution with MARK 1

From being a place that had nothing more to see than the extending hot scorching deserts to being a place that has seen some of the most astounding architectural developments in the history of men, Bangladesh has seen a fascinating era of changes in architecture. If you want your structure to be the best among the others and want a marvel in the form of architectural design, then there is no better option than going for MARK 1 Architectural & Engineering Consultants. Architecture can be one of the toughest skills that a person may need to stand a structure among the sands keeping in mind the natural forces. The thin line between architecture and engineering is how both the structures look.

What is Architectural Engineering?

Architectural engineering, also known as building engineering or architecture engineering, is an engineering discipline that deals with the technological aspects and multi-disciplinary approach to planning, design, construction and operation of buildings, such as analysis and integrated design of environmental systems (energy conservation, HVAC, plumbing, lighting, fire protection, acoustics, vertical and horizontal transportation), structural systems, behaviour and properties of building components and materials, and construction management. Architectural Engineers are the one to address several major challenges like life and threat, energy conservation, fire protection etc. They make use of cutting edge technology to design the buildings.

MARK 1 as an Architectural Consultants in Bangladesh

Building a new home or renovating and extending an old home may very well be the biggest challenge and expense you will ever undertake. It’s essential to get everything right and leave nothing to chance. From choosing a design, to establishing a budget, to understanding building codes and regulations, there’s planning approval to consider, appointing and managing surveyors, engineers, builders and trades people, selecting building materials and finishes, having a sound understanding of construction and detailing; the list goes on. To safeguard your home the best way to proceed with any new build or extension is to engage an architect. MARK 1 as a principal architectural consultants in Bangladesh provides adaptable, context-sensitive, cost-effective architecture that engages people's imaginations. Our experience and unique approach is structured to rigorously address technical, functional, and aesthetic issues with clients, consistent with the nature of work. With make use of diversity of visualization techniques which helps our clients make decisions early in the design process. Our architectural designs are nothing less than some hyper-realistic modern structure with a touch of classic adventures that can give you a thrill that you always wished for. So what are you waiting for?

Find the best professionals for architecture!

This is why we at MARK 1 strive to provide you the perfect mixture of contemporary architectural details combined with medieval strength to give you the structure that you always had dream of. Keeping in mind your customization and interests we make structures that look nothing like the one made by mediocre architects. Starting from taking into consideration the basics of engineering and considering the external forces that your building has to bear to the effortlessly flawless designs, we take care of everything that you ever wanted in your structure.

MARK 1 as a prime Architectural Consultants in Bangladesh has wide experience in Architecture Design which spans major institutional and corporate projects, private buildings, offices, hotels, health, and residential spaces. We enjoy a reputation for architecture and design solutions that are varied, comprehensive, and most importantly, client-focused. Every MARK 1 creation aims to integrate a timeless aesthetic with functional design, an objective that has been at the core of the firm’s culture since its inception. MARK 1 design excellence has been acclaimed by the many awards and citations it has received. Client satisfaction has always been the firm's principle objective - its success measured by the fact that 80% of MARK 1s projects originate from loyal clients. At MARK 1– Architectural Consultants in Dubai, we strive to provide a bewildering range of services for several causes. The services provided by the professionals of MARK 1 include:

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