Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Engineering projects in the Bangladesh, especially in Dhaka, are thriving rapidly. It is very visible anywhere around the country because of the unlimited ongoing construction projects everywhere. It also shows that Engineering consultants and companies in the Bangladesh are doing their best to accumulate all of these projects and more future projects to come. For them to execute the building process accurately and to come up with the expected result perfectly, BIM companies in Bangladesh with expert BIM consultants are all using the best and latest Building Information Modeling process. BIM consultants in Bangladesh aim to easily and accurately share data and information of the project to all involved teams and the owner during and after the building process.

What is Building Information Modeling (BIM) and its capacity?

Building Information Modeling (BIM) involves the generation and management of digital rendition of physical and functional aspects of a facility supported by using various tools, technologies. BIM is a shared knowledge resource for information and data about a project forming a reliable basis for decisions during its building process through extracted, exchanged, or networked proprietary files or data. BIM is mainly used by those who plan, design, construct, operate, and maintain diverse physical infrastructures. Which involves more than just geometry, also covers spatial relationships, light analysis, geographic information, quantities, and properties of building components such as manufacturers and materials’ information. There are BIM design tools that allow a secured extraction of contrasting views from a building model project for drawing production and other essential uses. Each model element can support features for automatic selection and order, providing cost estimates as well as material tracking and ordering.

There are a lot of developments that may allow BIM to further enhance its capabilities in building process management from 3D to the latest modelling dimensional presentations. BIM companies in Banghladesh and the professionals involved in a project use BIM that enables a virtual information model to be handed from the design team such as architects, engineers, and others to the main contractor and subcontractors and then on to the owner or operator to provide accuracy in communicating about the project. All of these are necessary to design and analyze different systems quickly and efficiently. It also allows each professional to add, save, or eliminate specific data to the single shared model.

Building Information modeling (BIM) is constantly evolving and its use is becoming essential to the success of the project as well as it has a competitive advantage. BIM’s three-dimensional computer models improve collaboration and decision-making. It also enables easy trialling of design variations and multi-user working, enable clash detection between disciplines, allow real-time scheduling, and provide accurate cost and quantity estimates.

What is the process of BIM?

Building information modeling (BIM) is a process supported by various tools, technologies and contracts involving the generation and management of digital representations of physical and functional characteristics of places. The Process of BIM Engineering are as follows:

Design and Planning

Project planning relies on capturing real-world data from pre-existing environments. All areas of design are performed and are taken into consideration for scheduling and logistics. Visualizations of designs and plans are all documented and stored in one place.

Build and Construction

Timing and efficiency and managed by sharing logistics with trades and contractors. Project information is shared with every team.

Operations and Maintenance

Data is carried over, stored, and used for maintenance, renovation, or efficient deconstruction.

BIM companies in Banghladesh provide services that combine many aspects since BIM is a process that involves the act of building something together, whether it relates to architecture, infrastructure, civil engineering, landscaping, or other large-scale projects. One of their goals is to bring all of these layers of information that show the building’s every detail into one place, so it’s easy to keep track of everything. And through the Building Information Model, the BMI companies, consultants, and together with the AEC (Architectural, Engineering, and Construction) team can provide a model as a tool for the building owner’s source of data for the future maintenance and other necessities of the building.

MARK 1 Technology Limited is one of the BIM consultants in Banghladesh that provides precise and accurate BIM services. Our core team works systematically to meticulously evaluate every data and information of the projects handed unto us. Each of our professional teams effectively communicates to pinpoint inadequacy and provide solution instantly. We work together as one to supply a one-stop accurate engineering solution for the innovative engineering industry of the Banghladesh.

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