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A corrective action plan (CAP) is a step by step plan of action. that is developed to achieve targeted outcomes for resolution. of identified errors in an effort to: - Identify the most cost-effective actions that can be. implemented to correct error causes.

What is CAP Management ?

A Corrective Action Plan (CAP) is simply a step-by-step plan you put together to address any causes of concern in your current project plans. It’s a way of documenting issues and agreeing a shared approach to addressing them in order to bring a project back into a situation that feels in control.

In this article we’ll look at what initiates a CAP, the kinds of problems that they set out to address and what goes into the documentation.

Let’s start at the beginning with how a CAP is initiated.


The point of a CAP is to document the situation and lay out what needs to happen to bring the situation back into a sustainable and acceptable state. They are used when the problem isn’t going to correct itself and there needs to be some kind of management intervention to identify and resolve the problem at the root cause.

You may have templates to use for your CAP, or contact us and we can advise on how to get an effective CAP developed and implemented. However, here are the basics of what should be included:

  • Details of the problem
  • Root cause analysis to explain why the problem is happening
  • Any contributing factors that are influencing the situation
  • The corrective action approach: what is going to be done about the problem
  • The deliverables from the action plan: what needs to be delivered in order for the team to say this issue is resolved (also known as exit criteria)
  • Dates in the form of a schedule for completing the work laid out in the CAP.

With all this documented, the team can then approve the CAP and get to work. They’ll take the required actions and follow up on what needs to change. This could take the form of a one-off activity within the project or require a process change, user training or anything else that was identified in the plan.

When the work is complete, the team can be confident that the project is back on track and is now set up to deliver to the performance criteria set.

The whole process sounds straightforward but needs to be handled precisely and in a timely manner, especially for contracts with government agencies. Mistakes with both the analysis and the production and implementation of the Corrective Action Plan can be costly, which is why we recommend working with trusted experts to review your next steps if you receive a Corrective Action Request. Get in touch and find out how we can help.

CAP (Corrective Action Plan) Management on:
– Building Safety Inspection
– Fire Safety Inspection
– Electrical Safety Inspection
– Environmental Assessment
– Energy Audit

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