Cogeneration &
Trigeneration System

A Captive Generation Plant can reach up to 25-35% efficiency on HHV of fuel (heat to electric energy) of input energy and rest is being wasted, whereas the CHP Plant can reach up to 70-80%.

Cogeneration & Trigeneration System​

Co-generation /Tri-generation also known as Combined Heat and Power (CHP) is a form of Energy recycling system otherwise normally would be wasted (by engine exhaust about 35-40% of input Energy, engine cooling circuit about 25-30 % and engine surface radiation 3-5% of input energy).

MARK 1 works with clients to select the CHP equipment that will best suit their application. Customized solutions are developed to prioritize and maximize benefits for each individual client.

For effectively achieving this MARK 1 perform:

CHP Feasibility: CHP Feasibility Study is done to determine if CHP will provide the financial, operational, and environmental benefits our customer’s desire.

Evaluating Existing Conditions: In addition, we assess existing conditions, evaluate electric and natural gas utility tariffs and work with local and others agencies to determine if financial subsidies are available to offset capital and or operational costs.

Design and Savings Analysis: The development of the savings analysis is the final requirement to determine the size of the CHP Plant, and to allow us to commence with the cost estimate.

Estimate Project Cost: Our team is efficiently estimates the project cost by leveraging existing relationships with major equipment suppliers and MEP contractors, as well as incorporating experience on estimating projects of similar technologies and size.

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