Gimex Clothing Ltd.

MARK 1 Technology Limited completed a retrofitting project for Gimex Clothing Ltd, upgrading the building's systems and materials. The project resulted in energy savings and improved safety and functionality, showcasing the company's expertise in retrofitting both steel and RCC structures.


MARK 1 Technology Limited recently completed a retrofitting project for Gimex Clothing Ltd, involving the renovation and upgrading of their existing manufacturing facility. The goal of the project was to enhance energy efficiency, improve safety, and reduce operational costs by modernizing the facility.

Our team of experienced construction professionals conducted a thorough analysis of the facility, including an assessment of the building’s structure, systems, and equipment. The building was composed of both steel and RCC (reinforced concrete) structures. We then developed a customized retrofitting plan to meet the specific needs of Gimex Clothing Ltd, accounting for the different materials used in the building.

The plan included upgrades to the building envelope, roofing, and flooring systems. For the steel portions of the building, we replaced outdated roofing materials with new, more efficient options and added insulation to improve thermal performance. For the RCC portions, we repaired and reinforced any damaged concrete and installed new flooring systems to create a safer and more functional working environment. Additionally, we updated the building envelope to prevent air leaks and improve energy efficiency.

During the project, our team of construction professionals worked closely with Gimex Clothing Ltd’s team to ensure that the retrofitting was completed on schedule and within budget. We provided regular progress updates and addressed any concerns or issues that arose promptly.

The retrofitting project has resulted in significant energy savings and operational cost reductions for Gimex Clothing Ltd. The modernization of the facility’s systems and equipment has also improved safety and functionality, creating a more comfortable and productive working environment for employees.

In conclusion, the retrofitting project for Gimex Clothing Ltd demonstrates our commitment to providing comprehensive solutions for our clients. We strive to provide customized retrofitting plans that meet the specific needs of each client, accounting for the different materials and structures used in their buildings. Our experience working with both steel and RCC structures has given us the expertise to deliver safe, efficient, and cost-effective solutions. We look forward to working with more clients on retrofitting projects in the future, helping to create a more sustainable and efficient built environment.

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