Project Management Consultancy in Bangladesh (PMC)

Streamline your business with expert project management consultancy in Bangladesh. Our team can help increase efficiency and achieve your goals.

Project Management

If you’re looking for efficient project management consultancy in Bangladesh, you’ve come to the right place. Project Management Consultancy in Bangladesh services offered by MARK 1 can make your work easier and faster. Building something from scratch is one thing, but doing it within a shorter timeframe is another ballgame. This is where the expertise of project management consultants comes in handy. Trust MARK 1 to find the right project management solution tailored to your needs.

project management consultancy in bangladesh

Project Management
Consultancy in Bangladesh  (PMC)

Project management about knows exactly what your goals are, how you’re going to achieve them, what resources you’ll need, and how long it will take you to reach that specific goal. In fact, project management’s goal is to make sure that everyone involved in a project knows these and is aware of the purpose of the project.

We follow the five steps to deliver a successful project outcome:

–    Discover what the client needs to determine the project’s goals.

–    Elaborate a plan that will tell you what needs to be done, by whom, how much it will cost, and when the project should be delivered.

–    Start working.

–    Check if work goes according to the initial plan, identify problems, and make adjustments.

–    Deliver the project and close all contracts once you get the client’s approval.

Project Management Consultancy in Bangladesh

When it comes to project management consultancy in Bangladesh, MARK 1 has established a remarkable reputation for providing cost-effective solutions that won't break the bank. Our expertise in this field can simplify even the most complex of challenges, leaving clients speechless. So, if you're looking for reliable project management consultancy in Bangladesh, MARK 1 is a name you can trust.

Have you decided yet?

Project management is essential because it can cut-off the intense labor and help you in making the work faster with fewer loopholes. So if you have made up your mind to choose the top-notch assistance for your project management issues, then it is always advised to go for MARK 1 . You can be offered with an amazing array of services that you had never thought of.

Project Management Consultancy in Bangladesh

Want someone to lend a helping hand at times when you need your overall building or development task to speed up? If yes then MARK 1 is always there to be your ultimate rescue. We provide a multitude of services in a bewildering range of fields. Some of our area of expertise includes:

Sometimes, we follow four phases if project execution is done together with monitoring activities:

Project initiation phase: Dedicated to finding out the exact requirements of our client and analyzing whether or not we have the essential resources to complete the project.

Project planning phase: The perfect time for us to put down the exact detailed steps that need to be taken during the project development life cycle.

Project execution and monitoring phase: The most important stage during which we prepare deliverables and control the evolution of the project.

– Project closure phase: Close all contracts and discuss what went wrong in the past to prepare for future projects.


In addition to the 4 phases, we pay special attention in 10 topics as a project manager during the project management process:

– Integration: During integration, we develop the plan, assess risks, and make necessary adjustments along the way to ensure a successful execution.

– Scope: Scope outlines stakeholder expectations. Comprehending the desired outcome of the project is fundamental to success as a project manager.

– Time: Timing is everything and keeping the project on track is of utmost importance. Time management expertise will help to designate activities and set appropriate project milestones to meet deadlines and successfully allocate resources.

– Cost: Elements of cost management occur throughout the project. Properly estimating all areas of project cost and overseeing expenses during the project process will help to stay on budget.

– Quality: Making sure our PSR (product/service/result) meets the client expectations is our goal.

– Procurement: We can give best services that contribute to our project outcome that are outside the expertise of our project team. We know how to plan for this contingency, choose an external vendor and create/closeout a contract.

– Human Resources: Our expertise has vast know how to coordinate and lead our team effectively.

– Communications: Communication isn’t only about the right information. We are very careful how & when to provide information along the way and how to craft an effective message, how to get that message out and how to manage project knowledge.

– Risk Management: The best laid plans sometimes don’t come off without a hitch. We identify and evaluate those things that can derail our project, so that through ongoing response planning and monitoring, we can mitigate delays and resource over expenditure.

– Stakeholder Management: Our expertise has huge ability to create engagement and management approaches to include stakeholders in the project outcome.

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