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Structural Engineering

.From the day of its inception, structural engineering has seen many revolutionary changes and has created many astounding structures that are a benchmark of science’s achievements. Relying on a detailed knowledge of applied mechanics, applied mathematics and materials science structural engineering works on the knowledge of techniques of structural analysis, with the theoretical design codes and some idea of corrosion resistance.

structural engineering in bangladesh

Our professionals have a keen passion for Structural Engineering. We are the top structural consultants in Bangladesh providing the engineering services from decades. If you are searching for the perfect blend of hard work, dedication, and brilliant engineering skills coupled with skilled workmanship? Then MARK 1 is a great idea. We stand firm in the industry because of our credibility to fabricate exceptional structural designs that can complement your architecture and further enhance it.

MARK 1 is considered among the best structural engineering consultants in Bangladesh. Our experienced structural engineers evaluate, analyse and recommend the best model to use to the client and most importantly they work closely with the architects to ensure that the most effective structural system is executed. Our highly qualified Structural engineers are equipped with the modern and advanced structural design technologies which allow them to apply their experience from small projects to micro size projects, this is what makes MARK 1 best structural consultants in Bangladesh.

MARK 1 - Structural Consultants in Bangladesh for you

Structural engineering theory is based upon physical laws and empirical knowledge of the structural performance of different materials and geometries. Structures Design utilizes a number of simple structural elements to build complex structural systems. Structural engineering focusses on developing functionally stable and robust structures that can withstand internal and external forces. At MARK 1 we conduct methodical analysis of the structures and propose comprehensive design ideas that address all your functional requirements.

Designing structures that are functionally robust and stable is our forte. From expansions to new constructions, from refurbishment of existing facilities to renovation - we provide customized solutions that address all your structural requirements. Our technically competent team provides structural design ideas that are both aesthetically appealing and functionally strong. At MARK 1 - Structural engineering companies in Bangladesh, the prices are reasonable, and in the concrete jungle of Bangladesh, we have a name and fame in building some of the most splendid structures that you can brag on. We understand the intricacies of structural engineering and build structures for you that can stand unparalleled in spite of the self-weight and imposed loads.

Ravishing Aesthetics!

Who told you that a structure that looks marvellous couldn’t be strong? With the best in class functionality to assist the analysing and drawing the designs of your dream structures with maximum precision. Starting from AutoCAD, ETABS, StaadPro to Prokon and Revit Structure, our experts know it all. Choose MARK 1, and you will never regret a single penny that you had spent. Apart from that, we also consider environmental risk factors such as winds and earthquakes and prepare your structure for all of them.

MARK 1 is a structural consultants in Bangladesh offering services relating to engineering Services. We are specialized in structural engineering and has grown to be counted as premiere structural consultant in Bangladesh. MARK 1 is equipped to construct buildings ranging from multi-storey buildings to institutional build-ups. But besides that MARK 1 also serves as a structural design consultant. MARK 1 as a design consultant works directly with the client and tries to give the best optimum solutions within the stipulated means. While working as a consultant, MARK 1 assigns a team of engineers who are well equipped to do the task and are completely committed to it thus making it easier for clients and to deliver quality work.

MARK 1 is into construction of buildings for various purposes and believes in the business philosophy of delivering its clients a fully complete project. Over the years of its conception, MARK 1 has delivered projects for [company Names] and many others. MARK 1 has a record of completing projects within the stipulated time and that too with the utter satisfaction of the client. This makes MARK 1 a clutter breaker. Our services for structures includes

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