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Testing. Evaluating how your products and services meet and exceed quality, safety, sustainability and performance standards.

Engineering Testing Services

A test engineer is a professional who determines how to create a process that would best test a particular product in manufacturing and related disciplines, in order to assure that the product meets applicable specifications.

Elevate the reliability and safety of your electrical systems with our specialized testing services: Earth Resistance (ER), Insulation Resistance (IR), and Thermal Scanning (TS). At MARK 1, we recognize the vital importance of these tests in maintaining the integrity of your electrical infrastructure.

Earth Resistance (ER) Test: Ensure the stability of your grounding systems with our ER testing. Proper grounding is essential for the safety of personnel and the effective operation of equipment. Our skilled technicians utilize advanced methods to measure earth resistance accurately, helping you identify any deviations that might compromise system performance. Enhance the safety of your operations with our thorough ER testing.

Insulation Resistance (IR) Test: Guard against potential faults and breakdowns with our IR testing. Insulation resistance is a key indicator of the health of your electrical components. Our expert team employs state-of-the-art equipment to measure insulation resistance, pinpointing any weaknesses that could lead to performance issues or safety hazards. Detect and address problems proactively with our comprehensive IR testing.

Thermal Scanning (TS) Test: Uncover hidden anomalies and hotspots with our TS testing. Thermal scanning is a non-invasive technique that reveals temperature variations in your electrical equipment. Our skilled thermographers use advanced infrared technology to identify potential issues caused by loose connections, overloads, or imbalanced loads. Prevent potential failures and mitigate risks by utilizing our in-depth TS testing.

At MARK 1, we take pride in offering testing services that empower you to make informed decisions about the condition of your electrical systems. Our experienced technicians bring precision and expertise to every test, ensuring accurate results and actionable insights. Whether you’re assessing grounding effectiveness, insulation quality, or thermal patterns, our ER, IR, and TS tests provide you with the critical information you need to optimize performance, reduce downtime, and ensure the safety of your operations.

Choose MARK 1 as your partner in elevating the reliability and efficiency of your electrical systems. Contact us today to schedule ER, IR, and TS tests that will help you maintain the highest standards of safety and performance across your infrastructure.

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